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Castelli Estate Riesling 2015

Castelli Riesling 2016 ($28)

Has such a beautiful pristine purity about it, does this marvelous Riesling from the Great Southern. Clean and vibrant with a little lemon zip and dusty sherbet like characters. Oh boy, if this doesn’t get you drinking Riesling nothing will. It is a cracker.

Score: 95/100    Cellar: 10 years     BUY HERE


Castelli Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2016 ($24)

This vibrant young blend has received a small amount of partial barrel fermentation, but does it make a difference. You bet. Adds a deft touch of complexity to the palate and changes this from a standard drop to something a little more special. Still retains that essential youthful zest, however.

Score: 92/100     Cellar: 3 years     BUY HERE

Castelli Estate Chardonnay 2015 

Castelli Chardonnay 2015 ($34)

This is sourced from vineyards in Pemberton an area that is making some of the finest chardonnays in the State. Opens with a compelling mix of grapefruit and cereal with a trace of stone fruit and slight custard tart. The palate delivers with a long sustained run to the finish packed with roasted nuts, grapefruit and a crunchy lemony zest. Brilliantly focused and long.

Score: 95/100     Cellar: 9 years     BUY HERE

 Castelli Estate Shiraz 2014

Castelli Shiraz Malbec 2014 ($24)

Super blend of shiraz and Malbec which might seem unlikely partners but they work so well. The leafy floral notes of the Malbec are superb complements to the richer dark chocolatey plum of the shiraz. So rich and flavoursome yet with Great Southern elegance and plumpness.

Score: 93/100     Cellar: 6 years     BUY HERE

 Castelli Estate Shiraz 2014

Castelli Shiraz 2014 ($34)

Here is the poise and balance of the tightrope walker without all the tension. It just sits so easily with those silky fine slightly chalky tannins, fine grained oak and beautifully weighted fruit. Has a spicy and slightly black pepper influence with just a faint hint of licorice and dark chocolate. This is a class act of the highest order.

Score: 96/100     Cellar: 10 years     BUY HERE

 Castelli Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Castelli Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 ($34)

This wine is sourced from a special vineyard in Frankland that is gaining a reputation for just about the best in the State. So smooth and seamless with a perfect integration of fruit, oak and tannin. There is power and deep concentration of fruit on the palate and the effortless length carries to a very long finish. Pretty hard to find fault with a wine of this class. At this price it’s a bargain.

Score: 98/100     Cellar: 15 years     BUY HERE






Castelli Pemberton merlot 2013 ($28)

Sourced from Pemberton. There’s a lot more to this merlot than your usual soft and fleshy number. Loaded with red currant and spices with a distinctive note of
cherry and violet. The palate displays soft flesh but there is a steely core of tannin and oak sustained right through to the extended finish. The chalky tannins are a feature.

SCORE 92/100 CELLAR 7 years

Castelli Riesling 2014 ($28)

Bone dry, tight and tense Riesling from the Great Southern. Opens with a compelling mix of lime and floral notes on the nose. The palate is intense and sustained with a spicy minerality carrying to a long finish. This has the substance and power to handle
some extended cellaring.

SCORE 93/100 CELLAR 8 years

Castelli Pemberton chardonnay 2014 ($32)

Classy chardonnay with fruit sourced from Pemberton. Aromas of light struck match with penetrating grapefruit and mealiness. The palate strikes a nice mix of savouriness and citrus cashew characters. The oak and fruit balance is very good. This already has a high degree of complexity and it will only get better.

SCORE 94/100 CELLAR 6 years

Castelli Great Southern shiraz 2013 ($32)

First-rate shiraz from the Great Southern. Opens with a wave of dark chocolate and ripe plum spruced up with spices and black pepper. This is a full-bodied, concentrated wine with savoury tannins and neatly judged, slightly toasty oak in support.

Like that slightly astringent finish.

SCORE 93/100 CELLAR 8 years

Castelli Frankland River cabernet sauvignon 2013 ($32)

From the outset the smooth and suave features of Frankland River cabernet reveal their sublime characters. Such a beautiful combination of black fruits with dark
chocolate and roasted coffee. The palate is super concentrated and plush with a soft supple texture carried with firmish tannins and some quality oak.

First-rate wine.

SCORE 95/100 CELLAR 12 years

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