Devil’s Lair

best drinking summer wine


Devil’s Lair The Hidden Cave chardonnay 2015 ($25)

Excellent chardonnay at this price point. Nutty with nectarine and grapefruit and just a smidgeon of light toast and marmalade. The mineral character adds a rigid core. The palate is long and perfectly defined. Subtle flint struck match is most appealing on the finish.

Score: 92/100    Cellar: 4 years

Devil’s Lair chardonnay 2015 ($50)

Another really impressive chardonnay from this producer. It has continued down that fine and slightly leaner path and the results are impressive. Mealy grapefruit with great texture and depth of fruit. It’s been expertly crafted with a perfect balance of oak and fruit. A most elegant and expressive chardonnay that might be finer but loses nothing in Margaret River power.

Score: 95/100    Cellar: 8 years

Devil’s Lair 9th Chamber chardonnay 2013 ($100)

This super wine has quickly established itself as one of the best in Margaret River after just a few releases. IT continues the focus on refining the wonderful fruit qualities of the region to achieve more delicacy yet still with the regional power. Works perfectly for me. Exquisite palate with a fine acid and citrus cut working the pure textured fruit with its defining minerality. Such an impressively long finish.

Score: 97/100    Cellar: 10 years

Devil’s Lair The Hidden Cave cabernet shiraz 2014 ($25)

Captures the best of these varieties is this excellent fruit driven combo. The oak and tannin regime ensures things are held with focus and length to a sustained lingering finish. Blackcurrant and dark plum with some nice toasty oak in support. Builds effortlessly to the finish. Quite chewy.

Score: 91/100    Cellar: 9 years

Devil’s Lair cabernet sauvignon 2014 ($50)

Highly scented bouquet of floral minty red berry with some deeper notes of cassis. The palate is the feature here. It is classically cabernet – all power and purpose -yet it’s remarkably smooth and seamless such is the integration. Quality oak has played a big part in this and completes what is a very good wine.

Score: 96/100     Cellar: 15 years

Devil’s Lair 9th Chamber cabernet sauvignon 2013 ($120)

So much intensity and concentration of fruit in this masterpiece of Margaret River cabernet. Deep and compelling aromas of blackcurrant, smoky oak and dark plummy nuances on the nose. The palate is already showing multi-layered complexity. The tannins have a slightly chalky character but they are firm ad directional to help focus the palate to that long finish. This is built for the journey which will be a long one.

Score: 98/100    Cellar: 25 years





Devil’s Lair The Hidden Cave sauvignon blanc Semillon 2014

This beautiful blended white captures the pristine purity of this style at its best. Herbal and citrus notes on the nose with a grassy and light tropical fruit
infusion. The palate is bright and zingy with deep flavour penetration that powers to a long finish. Juicy vibrant feel in the mouth.

SCORE 93/100 CELLAR 4 years

Devil’s Lair The Hidden Cave chardonnay 2014

Mighty impressive entry-level chardonnay for Devil’s Lair. Lovely light toasty oak with a hint of struck match character. The fruit is well integrated with fine oak finishing with a lick of grapefruit and minerals. This is a classy chardonnay that you won’t often find at this price and it’s starting to hit its best drinking period.

SCORE 93/100 CELLAR 4 years

Devil’s Lair chardonnay 2013 ($50)

A super chardonnay the bridges the modern style with the distinctive character of southern Margaret River. One of the most textural of this line yet at the same time it
has been crafted with a tightly controlled structure of finely honed oak and fruit merging. A little grapefruit and nutty hazelnut and cashew character makes a compelling combination. Such beautiful poise on the palate which is so long.

SCORE 97/100 CELLAR 7 years

Devil’s Lair 9th Chamber chardonnay 2011 ($100)

A masterly expression of southern Margaret River chardonnay here. It’s structured with such fine, delicate lines yet the flavour extends with relentless drive to a very long finish. Deep in the palate there are layers of subtle complexity delivered with a deft fine touch. This is a testament to quality fruit and exceptional winemaking. A modern wine that retains the essential power of Margaret River.

SCORE 98/100 CELLAR 8 years

Devil’s Lair cabernet sauvignon 2012 ($50)

Beautiful southern Margaret River cabernet. Aromas of blackcurrant and lifted cherry and mint. There’s a decent whack of chalky dry tannins. A lovely sweet fruit middle
palate balanced with chalky tannins and fine grained oak. Such impeccable balance and poise with power and refinement. The complete package. This is a classy wine
that will cellar for many years.

SCORE 95/100 CELLAR 20 years

Devil’s Lair 9th Chamber cabernet sauvignon 2011 ($120)

Such a silky smooth elegant wine of such poise and refinement. There’s a healthy leafiness on the nose but with heaps of deep dark fruit beneath. The palate is an
explosive combination of fruit and oak with supporting fine ripe tannins. This is serious stuff that expresses Margaret River cabernet so beautifully.

SCORE 97/100 CELLAR 20 years

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