Pierro Margaret River Vineyards

best drinking summer wine


Pierro LTC 2016 ($33.50)

Another cracking example of the Peterkin marvel that is LTC. It’s been one of my favourite white blends for years. A combination of Semillon and sauvignon blanc with the light touch of chardonnay adding palate weight and completeness. This is crunchy and so lively with a zingy fresh acidity punching out a long palate. Drinks so well young but if you can wait it just gets better with up to 10 years of age.

Score: 94/100    Cellar: 10 years

Pierro chardonnay 2014 ($82)

Remains one of Western Australia’s and therefore Australia’s great chardonnays. Texture and palate completeness are always features of these wines and this one does it again. Rich butterscotch and mealy grapefruit and stone fruit punch out the middle palate with the crisp acidity sustaining a freshness and lively lingering finish. One of the more delicate, but still with all that mid palate richness.

Score: 96/100    Cellar: 7 years

Pierro VR chardonnay 2013 ($104)

This wine is serious good. Peterkin has held it back for four years for release in 2017 and then expects to go on for another six years. No problems with that but gee, I would be hard pressed not to be drinking this now. So deeply rich and complex with all those butterscotch and brioche flavours bouncing around on the palate. Great initiative to offer something like this.

Score: 97/100    Cellar: 6 years

Pierro LTCf cabernet sauvignon merlot 2013 ($40)

If you’re curious the “f” on the label is for the light touch of cabernet franc that Peterkin adds to bring a perfume fragrant lift. Works a treat, make no mistake. I reckon this wine just nails what he’s been chasing with this style. medium to full bodied with an elegant refinement and of course, great balance. It is a super wine that just begs to be drunk.

Score: 93/100     Cellar: 6 years

Pierro cabernet sauvignon merlot Reserve 2012 ($77)

There is real opulence and poise in this terrific blend of cabernet and merlot. Loads of savoury blackcurrant characters with rich liqueur chocolate. The nose has a delightful scent of cherry and violet coming from the small amount of cab franc added as a sort of condiment. Beautiful palate refinement and balance. One of the best yet. Score:

95/100 Cellar: 10 years



Pierro LTC 2015 ($33.50)

Best of the West 2016 – white blend

Tasted soon after bottling and yet it was tasting absolutely superb. It’s semillon and sauvignon blanc with a “light touch of chardonnay” – hence the LTC. Now here’s the
thing. It drinks beautifully when young with that vibrant fruit but it ages easily for 10 years.

This is superb.

SCORE 95/100 CELLAR 10 years

Pierro chardonnay 2013 ($82)

A finer and slightly more angular chardonnay than previous vintages. Yet it retains that deep concentration of fruit that stamps the Pierro class together with a distinctly textural mouthfeel that comes as a result of Peterkin’s use of malolactic fermentation to complete the wine. Lovely light toast and butterscotch flavours are features of the rich palate.

SCORE 96/100 CELLAR 5 years

Pierro cabernet sauvignon merlot LTCf 2012 ($40)

The LTCf is the light touch of cabernet franc which introduces a lifted scented fragrance to the nose. This is a seamless and integrated blend with juicy red fruits
balanced with some nice light oak. Fine tannins add some structural support. Juicy concentration with a lick of finishing acidity

SCORE 92/100 CELLAR 6 years

Pierro cabernet sauvignon merlot Reserve 2011 ($77)

One of the best reds yet from Mike Peterkin. Oodles of red fruits with a trace of liqueur chocolate. Absolutely smooth and silky on the palate but there is depth and
excellent fruit concentration. Tremendous richness and fruit opulence will suit further cellaring.

SCORE 95/100 CELLAR 10 years

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