Vasse Felix

best drinking summer wine


Vasse Felix Filius cabernet sauvignon 2014 ($28)

What a stunning cabernet for the price. This is now the third tier bend the Marg cabernet and the Heytesbury, but in some ways that does it a disservice because it is a very good wine. Tightly focused and structure in classic cabernet style. Leafy black fruit with a dusty cedary influence. Very good wine.

Score: 94/100    Cellar: 10 years

Vasse Felix sauvignon blanc Semillon 2015 ($24)

A blend that takes the usual fare for this combo to another plane of excellence. Superb aromatics of honeysuckle, tropical fruit and subtle lemon stone fruit. The palate is just beautiful with deep complexity and flavour. The fruit is still dominant but there are other factors at play which elevate this. Finishes crisp and precise.

Score: 95/100    Cellar: 6 years

Vasse Felix Filius chardonnay 2015 ($28)

Pure and vibrant expression of chardonnay at what is the entry level for Vasse Felix these days. Crunchy with a vibrant minerality and pristine fruit definition. Such fine delicate lines persistent through to the long finish.

Score: 91/100    Cellar: 4 years

Vasse Felix chardonnay 2015 ($37)

Thoroughly beautiful expression of Margaret River that shows the continuing evolution for this variety at Vasse Felix. It’s restrained and almost delicate, yet there is still all that underlying Margaret River intensity that drives through to the finish. Great texture and mouth feel with a lively mix of nectarine and subtler stone fruit all perfectly harness with an exquisite touch of oak.

Score: 96/100    Cellar: 8 years

Vasse Felix Heytesbury chardonnay 2015 ($75)

Oh my, this is seriously good. The chardonnays at Vasse Felix have been on the up for a number of years but it’s hard to remember a better one. Such intensity, such power and yet such elegance and poise. The fruit is expressed with exquisite precision on the palate with the pristine nectarine and crunchy lemony pear and subtle grapefruit a compelling combination. A smidgeon of toasty oak completes a stunning wine.

Score 98/100     Cellar: 8 years

Vasse Felix cabernet sauvignon 2014 ($45)

Cabernet, like chardonnay, has been a particular focus for Vasse Felix. This is a special wine from a special vintage. Elegance and refinement personified. Leafy floral notes on the nose. But it is the palate that really sings. It’s relatively tight with a core of fine oak and firmish silky tannins, but there is sweet fleshy fruit held with focus that extends effortlessly to a long finish.

Score: 96/100    Cellar: 15 years




Winery of the Year

Vasse Felix Filius chardonnay 2014 ($28)

You fall in love with the easy drinkability of this wine from the first sniff. It’s a fruit-driven style but one with complex mealy savoury notes in there. The palate is light but intense with excellent pure fruit definition. Lovely complete palate and mouthfeel with a lingering finish.

SCORE 93/100 CELLAR 6 years

Vasse Felix chardonnay 2014 ($37)

This is one of those wines that just seems right from whichever way you tackle it. The bouquet is interesting, appealing and immediately complex with its subtle white peach and grapefruit nuances plus a little roasted cashew. The palate has such a vibrancy with its lively acid and crisp fruit characters. The delicate minerally acid focused the finish which is long and precise.

SCORE 95/100 CELLAR 7 years

Vasse Felix Heytesbury chardonnay 2014 ($70)

White Wine of the Year and Best of the West 2016 – chardonnay

Now firmly established as one of the great chardonnays of Margaret River. Wow, where do you start. Toasty minerally notes on the nose with hints of light stone fruit, vanilla bean and an edgy ginger and grapefruit-like mix. The palate is defined by deeply intense precise fruit which drives with penetrating power through to a very long finish. This is chardonnay of the highest order.

SCORE 98/100 CELLAR 10 years

Vasse Felix Filius cabernet merlot 2013 ($28)

So much to like about this classy fruit-driven cabernet merlot. Leafy minty aroma with red berry and cedary influences. The palate is medium bodied with fine chalky tannins, a dab of fine grained oak and plenty of driving fruit. Delicious wine for the next few years.

SCORE 93/100 CELLAR 6 years

Vasse Felix cabernet sauvignon 2013 ($45)

Such a sophisticated cabernet these days. This one is the complete package. Tobacco leaf, cedar and blackcurrant with just the most subtle hint of black olive on the nose. The palate has a firmish structure based on the controlling influences of grainy tannins and fine grained oak worked with such refined concentrated fruit. Has a minerally chalky finish to the sweet middle palate.

SCORE 96/100 CELLAR 12 years

Vasse Felix Heytesbury 2012 ($90)

Best of the West 2016 – red blend cabernet sauvignon dominant

Gorgeous, gorgeous wine. Perfumed bouquet of cabernet dominance. A couple of other varieties add some interesting floral notes. The palate is so beautifully refined and elegant yet with immense power. Sweet ripe fruit fills the middle palate with blackcurrant, chocolate and cedar. The dry minerally tannins and the fine grained oak support a very long finish. This has such depth and fruit concentration all presented with such effortless ease. One of the best yet.

SCORE 98/100 CELLAR 20 years


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