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Wills Domain cabernet merlot 2014 ($20)

These guys are making some mighty fine red wines especially and this one in the value for money category is excellent. Soft and generously proportioned fruit characters on a smoothly integrated palate. Very long and sustained finish. Loads of dark berry fruits with a degree of merlot lushness for balance.

Score: 91/100    Cellar: 5 years

Wills Domain Block 8 chardonnay 2014 ($29)

Deep and powerful aromas of peach and spicy pear open on the nose. The richness and opulence extends into the palate which offers a multi-layered depth of intense driving flavour. The use of oak tightens things and focused the finish. Excellent wine.

Score: 91/100    Cellar: 4 years

Wills Domain Cuvee d’Elevage chardonnay 2013 ($60)

Makes a terrific statement of this northern Margaret River region. Stunning aroma of classic white peach and nectarine with a dash of citrus and grapefruit. The palate is admirably restrained and tightened with extended use of oak in maturation which produces a minerally crispness. It’s so well structured with great depth and intensity.

Score: 94/100    Cellar: 9 years

Wills Domain Cuvee d’Elevage shiraz 2014 ($65)

A plush and opulent wine delivered with a high degree of poise and refinement. Gravelly loamy characters on the nose with spicy savouriness. The palate is earthy with savoury dusty characters complementing the sweet fruit. Has more cherry characters than traditional plum with equates to a more subtle expression of the variety.

Score: 96/100    Cellar: 9 years

Wills Domain Cuvee d’Elevage cabernet sauvignon 2012 ($65)

A most polished and stylish expression of cabernet from this northern region. Black fruit on the palate with dark liqueur chocolate and a trace savoury black olive. IT’s had a fair hit of French oak yet the balance is spot on with the fine grain of the oak and the firmish tannins threading perfectly to build a solid foundation. Effortless and very long finish.

Score: 94/100    Cellar: 9 years

Wills Domain Cuvee d’Elevage Matrix 2014 ($100)

So much happening within this excellent wine. The bouquet packs in a merging and compelling aroma of plum and spicy coffee grinds and dark chocolate. The palate delivers plenty more. Rich dark fruits with high end cherry and cedar. There’s sweet ripe fruit but it’s restrained with a medium weight that extends easily and powerfully to a very long finish.

Score: 95/100    Cellar: 10 years




Raising the Bar

Wills Domain cabernet merlot 2013 ($19.95)

Highly fragrant aromas of blackcurrant and savoury plum pudding. The palate is smooth and fruit driven with lots of that dark fruit character supported with some toasty oak. Fine tannins and a dab of oak complete what is a neat wine for the next few years.

SCORE 90/100 CELLAR 4 years

Wills Domain Cuvee d’Elevage chardonnay 2012 ($60)

Mighty good chardonnay in this new range. Butterscotch and grapefruit with a deeper cereal mealy character show some serious winemaking at work. On the palate the depth of fruit becomes evident. Retains a crunch and minerally edge which gives it control and precision through to the long finish.

SCORE 94/100 CELLAR 7 years

Wills Domain Block 8 chardonnay 2013 ($29)

A length and intriguingly fragrant chardonnay that strikes such a good balance of crisp fruit and subtle oak influence. There’s a creamy white peach mix on the palate with just a faint hint of lemon. Lovely wine for drinking over the next few years.

SCORE 92/100 CELLAR 4 years

Wills Domain Cuvee d’Elevage shiraz 2013 ($65)

Best of the West 2016 – shiraz

Something of a breakthrough shiraz from Wills Domain. This takes things up a notch or two. Savoury and deliciously earthy on the nose and palate. It’s that dry savouriness that captures the variety so beautifully with a character more Old World than typically Aussie. So well balanced with deep concentration, but with finesse.

SCORE 96/100 CELLAR 10 years

Wills Domain Cuvee d’Elevage cabernet sauvignon 2011 ($75)

Masses of red berry, liqueur chocolate and spicy cedar open on the nose. It is the palate though where this wine comes to life with its velvety texture and smooth layers of flavour that build inexorably to a sustained finish. Oak and tannin management is excellent allowing the fruit to power through to such a resounding finish.

SCORE 95/100 CELLAR 10 years

Wills Domain Cuvee d’Elevage Matrix 2013 ($100)

Here’s the secret with this new wine from Wills Domain. Make sure you decant it. Only then, even as a young wine, will you start to capture those spice perfumed, highly scented characters from the outset. It’s a blend of the five Bordeaux varieties and predominantly cabernet sauvignon. This is such a classy wine with sweet vibrant fruit displaying wild brambly characters, dark chocolate and deep blackcurrant. It’s all held together with brilliant focus and control.

SCORE 96/100 CELLAR 12 years


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