best drinking summer wine


Drakesbrook Wild Bird Chardonnay 2014 ($20)

This wine is starting to drink at its peak which it should hold for a couple of years. Neat mix of melony stone fruit in this appealing young chardonnay. Has a cereal mealy character underpinning it while a splash of citrus adds some tang and tight tartness.

Score: 89/100    Cellar: 3 years     BUY HERE


Drakesbrook Wild Bird Semillon 2014 ($20)

An attractive Semillon that brings all the beautiful perfumed qualities of this excellent variety. Nose shows those beautiful honey and lemon scented blossom characters The palate is keen and medium bodied with a lemon tang and crisp lingering acidity. Very good.

 Score: 90/100    Cellar: 5 years     BUY HERE


Drakesbrook Mourvedre 2013 ($25)

A fully ripe but medium bodied mourvedre that captures all the good qualities of this Spanish variety. Spicy and dusty with a cherry and raspberry character. The palate is silky smooth with sinewy tannins contributing to a dry savoury finish. Idea for food.

Score: 89/100    Cellar: 4 years      BUY HERE


Drakesbrook Wild Bird Shiraz 2013 ($20)

Medium bodied and quite spicy shiraz. Aromas of spicy plum with a savoury element. The palate is medium weight with a sinewy tread of tannins and some fine grained oak supporting a long controlled finish. A nice alternative to the bug bruisers but one still packing plenty of character and flavour.

Score: 88/100    Cellar: 6 years





Drakesbrook Wild Bird sangiovese 2012 ($20)

Distinctive sweet confectionery-like notes on the nose open this tidy little early drinking sangiovese. Some spicy cherry and light earthy characters poke in there too. The palate is light to medium bodied with good balance and flavour persistence.

SCORE 88/100 CELLAR 3 years

Drakesbrook Wild Bird semillon 2013 ($20)

This is a lighter style of semillon, picked early to retain its crisp fresh acidity. Just starting to show some rather appealing development with a hint of honey and light
toast on the nose. It’s still clean and fresh however on the palate and will happily cellar for a number of years.

SCORE 92/100 CELLAR 4 years

Drakesbrook Rosella 2014 ($25)

This was a gold medal winner at the 2014 Qantas wine show. It’s an excellent blend of grenache cabernet franc and shiraz. It’s light bodied with a scented perfumed
fragrance that is so enticing. A strawberry and light cherry red currant character on the palate lingers to a very long finish.

Excellent rosé style.

SCORE 93/100 CELLAR 5 years

Drakesbrook tempranillo 2012 ($25)

A wine that you just love to drink. Beautiful aromas of cherries and understated blackcurrant fruit, with a little vanillin oak influence. The palate is medium bodied and
supported by gentle tannins. There is a hint of sweet confectionery character on the palate balanced by crisp acid and a little oak and a savoury finish. Made for
drinking while still young.

SCORE 89/100 CELLAR 4 years

Drakesbrook Wild Bird shiraz 2012 ($20)

A light to medium-bodied shiraz striking a neat and tidy balance of dusty oak, savoury fruit and fine tannins. Light red berry notes on the nose with some appealing spicy plum infusion. A wine for the short term.

SCORE 88/100 CELLAR 4 years

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