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John Kosovich Pemberton Vineyard Chardonnay 2015 ($35)

There is a beautiful simplicity about the winemaking at Kosovich wines and yet the wines themsleves are anything but simple. This comes from their Pemberton vineyard. Strikes a great balance between the nutty stone fruit characters of the fruit and the well weighted French oak. Crisp and tightly framed with good depth of flavour.

Score: 91/100      Cellar: 5 years     BUY HERE

John Kosovich Reserve Cabernet Malbec 2014 ($40)

Balance and palate presentation are perennial features of Kosovich wines. They caress and persuade rather than knock you over and this marvelous blend of 85 per cent cabernet and 15 of malbec is a perfect example. It’s more medium bodied with a floral opening on the nose and thoroughly deliciously engaging palate composition. Grainy fine tannins and excellent supplementary oak working perfectly with the fruit.

Score: 94/100      Cellar: 10 years     BUY HERE

John Kosovich Rare Muscat ($110/ 375ml)

Thankfully I tasted this at the end of the day and needless to say I didn’t leave much in the bottle. Glorious statement of this famous Swan valley style. Multi-layered complexity of toffee and luscious honey and raisins. There’s stone fruit vanilla bean and licorice swirling through the thick unctuous palate. Has been freshened with some younger material to add some zip to the finish. Average age of the wine is 25 years with the base blend of vintages between 1974 and 1996. Quite simply outstanding.

Score: 98/100      Cellar: Indefinitely     BUY HERE




John Kosovich Rare Muscat ($95/375ml)

This has been blended from a base of 1950 wine using vintages from 1974 through to 1996. So intense and powerful concentrated on the nose. Luscious and multilayered with flavours so rich and unctuous. A marvellous example of the Swan style. Stack up against any in the world.

SCORE 97/100 CELLAR 30+ years

John Kosovich Bottle Aged chenin blanc 2010

This Swan Valley staple is such a good variety when it gets a little age like this. Starting to show some delicious toasty characters on the nose with a creamy tropical
influence. The palate has a zingy feel with typical crisp acid cutting deep into the intense driving fruit. Lovely wine with further ageing potential.

SCORE 93/100 CELLAR 5 years
John Kosovich chardonnay 2014 ($38)

The Kosovich approach to chardonnay is to use fairly simple methods to ensure the fruit characters are retained. This one, sourced from Pemberton, is a perfect example of that approach. Creamy with a little stone fruit and cashew characters on the nose. The palate is well balanced with deep fruit concentration and good length.

SCORE 92/100 CELLAR 5 years

John Kosovich Reserve cabernet malbec 2013

Such a glorious expression of this blend. Perfumed floral notes on the nose with that malbec being most striking. The palate has all the balance and poise you expect from a Kosovich wine. A place for everything and everything in its place. Smooth with silky tannins and fine grained oak.

Stunning wine.

SCORE 95/100 CELLAR 10 years

John Kosovich petit verdot 2013 ($28)

Lovely little wine from the Swan Valley. It’s as cute as a button with an appealing perfume aroma and a lovely soft and supple medium-bodied palate. Beautiful ripe
berry flavours with a subtle earthy spiciness. It’s long and perfectly balanced as you might expect from Kosovich.

SCORE 91/100 CELLAR 5 years
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