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Established in 1976, Clairault is one of the region’s pioneering vineyards. Acquired by John Streicker, of the boutique label Streicker Wines in mid-2012, Clairault continues to enjoy a well-deserved reputation for quality wines and as one of the region’s most popular tourism destinations. Set in breathtaking surroundings, the tasting room and cafe overlooking the vineyard are a truly memorable experience. The wines continue to excel.

Clairault began in 1976 when Ian and Ani Lewis bought 4 hectares and planted their first vines. Resilient and visionary, they worked their vineyard diligently — crafting their first vintage in 1980. For the next 19 years, they developed and expanded the Clairault property to over 68 hectares.

When the Lewises passed stewardship of the property on in 1999 to Bill Martin and his family, both the vineyards and the winemaking facilities received upgrades – including the introduction of low-intervention, biological farming practices and the addition of the Caves Road entrance with its spectacularly scenic drive to the winery. Shortly thereafter in 2002 John Streicker acquired the neighbouring Yallingup Protea Farm together with its vineyards, planted in 1996. By 2006 Streicker Wines released its first vintage.

In 2012, operations of Clairault and Streicker were combined and today, Clairault | Streicker Wines has over 300 hectares under vine, all managed with sustainability in mind and all accredited with Entwine. We have a family of wines that exemplify the viticultural style of Margaret River as well as our team’s winemaking ideals.

We are proud to be represented both domestically and internationally at some of the world’s finest restaurants and wine purveyors.

Our plans for the future start with a respect for the property’s past. We continue to be committed to environmentally sustainable farming practices, and we intend to make the most of the vineyards’ natural assets while capitalising on contemporary winemaking technology and the esteemed skills of our winemakers.

Owner | John Harrison Streicker

John, a native New Yorker, first visited Margaret River in 2001 on a family vacation. Overwhelmingly attracted to the Margaret River way of life he began planning how he could return even before he left. In 2002 he acquired the Yallingup Protea Farm (never having heard the words Yallingup or Protea six months earlier) and that began his increasing attachment. Now 12 years and almost 40 trips later, John’s commitment to Western Australia is ever increasing. Besides Clairault|Streicker Wines, he is active with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and is a member of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue.

When asked by friends in the US how he can tolerate such long trips, John has been known to reply: “Some people take a lifetime to get to Paradise; I do it in 30 hours.”

Vineyard Manager | Chris Gillmore

Chris’s passion for working the land is the root of his love of wine. He says, “I love the challenges viticulture presents and agriculture in general.’

When he joined Streicker Wines in 2007, it was after 10 years with Selwyn Viticultural Services. As Vineyard Manager, Chris is responsible for viticultural practices within the company, practices aimed at optimizing winegrape quality across all vineyards. Each property and season presents its own challenges, which in turn create opportunities – with careful vineyard management – to ensure that the vines become more adept at expressing individual terroir.

Chris received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Viticulture from Charles Sturt University, NSW.

Wine Making Process

Winemaking truly begins in the vineyard. At Clairault | Streicker Wines, we have abundant water catchments, beautiful undulating landscapes, naturally biodiverse bushland and, most importantly, soil that is exceptionally well-suited to premium viticultural use. Longstanding biological sustainable farming practises have shaped our properties, contributing to the health of the vineyards and the quality of the fruit which continues to surpass itself. With vineyards in three Margaret River sub-regions, Yallingup, Wilyabrup, and Karridale, Clairault | Streicker Wines has the capacity to make the most of Margaret River's diverse growing conditions. The cooler climate and longer growing season at our Bridgeland Block, near Rosa Glen, produces some of the region's best aromatic whites and it is home to the trophy winning cold-climate Streicker Syrah. In Wilyabrup, our Ironstone Block of old vines produces outstanding single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Further to the North, the original Clairault Vineyards – with vines planted as early as 1976 – add other components of varietal and soil conditions choices to our portfolio. Clairault | Streicker Wines has always sought to bring the most out of its fruit's natural gifts through the winemaking process, with minimal intervention. This philosophy has led to wines of unmistakable quality, recognized as such with accolades, both at home and abroad. Our long-standing affiliation with Naturaliste Vintners, led by the incomparable winemaker, Bruce Dukes, allows us both the most up-to-date viticultural technology and a gifted team of vintners with a truly purist philosophy towards winemaking. Their total focus is on integrity, purity, quality and service.


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