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RAY JORDAN 2016 Wine Guide

Vintners Ridge Estate is a family-owned boutique vineyard overlooking picturesque Geographe Bay in the north of the Margaret River appellation. Established in 2001, the easterly-sloping two-hectare vineyard has proved very good for the production of high-quality cabernet sauvignon.


Our vineyard philosophy is to produce premium fruit to make great wine. Nature gives us short time frames for working within to achieve quality, the correct timing of all management practises in the vineyard is essential to achieving this.

A lot of time is spent in the vineyard, observing the changes in the vines growth cycle and being aware of the current seasonal influences which allow the right decisions to be made at the right time.

At Vintners Ridge we are using more organic practises to promote soil biology and vineyard health, while still making use of current technologies.

Soil testing is carried out to achieve a balanced soil nutrient bank thereby maximising plant nutrition.

Combining this with focussed canopy management, we aim for the optimal balance of bud numbers against vine vigour to ensure that better quality berries are produced. As the vines age we want to ensure the vines continue producing consistent, balanced, quality fruit.

The Oak

The excellent processes which begin in the Vintners Ridge vineyard are continued by our winemaker Simon Ding of Flying Fish Cove.
Vintners Ridge Cabernet is matured in a combination of new and aged French Oak for approximately 16 months before it is bottled.
This allows the subtle flavours of the oak to blend with the delicious Cabernet Sauvignon fruit to create a medium to full bodied wine where bold fresh fruits dominate the initial palate with the tannins providing support to the fruit without dominating.

There is a pure intensity of a cabernet that has reached its optimal ripeness. Vintners Ridge Estate Cabernet is balanced in every way and is an example of a well made, quality cabernet.

Maree and Robin Adair

Wine Making Process


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