About Ken Gargett

Here's how Ken sees himself.

Born and bred in Brisbane, Queensland. A non-trendy, perfectly happy childhood, in a family convinced alcohol meant instant condemnation to Hades.  Law at Queensland Uni. On a break fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, someone opened a good bottle of port and so commenced a serious obsession. Studied, then worked, in London, Washington DC and Sydney in banking law (pleased to be out of that now, even if my bank manager disagrees). Returned to Queensland and was asked to do some occasional wine writing by friends who knew of the obsession. Eventually, it took over.

Needless to say, I am a grave disappointment to my family. My mother once, when told I was off to a 'vertical tasting', was overheard muttering that at least you'd think these people could afford chairs. Later, she severely chastised me, for drinking Pol champagne, disgusted I’d drink anything made by a Cambodian dictator. It has not been easy.

Now, I mostly write on wine (did weekly columns for the Courier Mail for many years, plus various mags, occasionally contributions to magazines, books etc) – a little on cigars, fishing, travel and food.

When not writing, fly-fishing for trout in NZ and bonefish on the flats of Cuba; travel; cigars; following a variety of sporting teams – the occasionally glorious Queensland Reds rugby, the dysfunctional Washington Redskins, the rarely surprising Arsenal and especially revelling in a world restored to its proper axis, whenever the Ashes is held by their rightful possessors.

On a more serious note.

Ken is Managing Editor of “Fine Wine & Champagne, Australia/NZ” and contributor to other magazines in the Fine Wine stable.

He has been reviewing and writing about Australian wine and winemakers for Brisbane newspapers notably, City News, Brisbane News, Courier Mail and Q-weekend at various times since 1992.

Ken is also a regular contributor to Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine, the Fine Group, Crema (formerly Café), Drinks Magazine,  Ocean Magazine, the UK World of Fine Wine, the UK Decanter website and others. There are others, too numerous to mention.

Ken is also an experienced wine judge, having judged  at various times over many years at  Canberra Riesling International Competition, Margaret River Show, Orange Wine Show, Perth and Brisbane Sheraton Wine Awards, Royal Sydney Wine Show, Barossa Wine Show, Brisbane Wine Show  and Hunter Valley Wine Show, to name a few.