About the Author

About the author

Ray Jordan has been writing about wine for nearly 40 years. His first articles were published in the early issues of national wine magazine Winestate in the late 1970s when he worked in Sydney as a correspondent for The West Australian newspaper.

Ray currently writes two regular weekly columns in The West Australian and the West Weekend magazine, while also contributing to other publications.

In 2002 Ray released the first of his annual guides to Western Australian wines and has also co-authored a book on Margaret River. He also appears regularly on CurtinFM 100.1.

Ray has judged at the Swan Valley Wine Show, the Barossa Wine Show, the Perth Hills Wine Show, the Geographe Wine Show, the Sheraton Wine Awards and Mount Barker Wine Show.

In 2010 Ray was awarded the WA Wine Press Club Jack Mann Memorial Medal for his contribution to the WA wine industry.

He is also a previous winner of the WA Wine Press Club wine writing award and the George Mulgrue Award.

During the last few years there has been an emergence, along with the rest of Australia, of so-called orange wines and hipster wines. These are wines that have caused plenty of discussion and deep division among wine writers, sommeliers and makers.

They are just starting to make an appearance in this state. When they are done well, they work. When they aren’t, they are positively horrible and better as paint stripper. You will certainly start to see some of these on wine lists. Sommeliers love them because they provide a point of difference with the classic mainstream wines. But they have to be explained because for some, murky cloudy wines with funky pongy aromas are not ideal.

Perhaps I’ll see some of these wines submitted in the future.

The tasting for this book has once again demonstrated WA’s producers are clearly focused on quality, as producers big and small are consistently making wines of international class and acceptability.

I hope you agree with me as you taste many of the wines I have featured that this state’s wine industry is in very good hands.


Thank You

I must thank all the producers who have contributed to this book by sending me their wines. I am in a very fortunate position of being able to taste wines from so many outstanding winemakers, including many that don’t normally get entered in wine shows. It is both an honour and a responsibility, and one I take very seriously.

Also a thank you to the Royal Agricultural Society of WA for allowing me to use its facilities at Claremont Showground to conduct the tastings which ran over nearly two months. And also to Wine Industry of WA CEO Larry Jorgensen and Jodie Pannell for putting up with my mess and endless replays of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Tom Petty.