Devil’s Lair

Devil’s Lair

Devil’s Lair is pushing new boundaries as it continues to redefine its styles and produce some of the southern region’s finest wines. The institution of a talented team, the freedom to do things differently and the subtlety of the soils results in wines of great clarity, delicate fruit flavours and elegant structure.


Devil’s Lair The Hidden Cave chardonnay 2015 ($25)

Excellent chardonnay at this price point. Nutty with nectarine and grapefruit and just a smidgeon of light toast and marmalade. The mineral character adds a rigid core. The palate is long and perfectly defined. Subtle flint struck match is most appealing on the finish.
SCORE 92/100 CELLAR 4 Years

Devil’s Lair chardonnay 2015 ($50)

Another really impressive chardonnay from this producer. It has continued down that fine and slightly leaner path and the results are impressive. Mealy grapefruit with great texture and depth of fruit. It’s been expertly crafted with a perfect balance of oak and fruit. A most elegant and expressive chardonnay that might be finer but loses nothing in Margaret River power.
SCORE 95/100 CELLAR 8 years

Devil’s Lair 9th Chamber chardonnay 2013 ($100)

This super wine has quickly established itself as one of the best in Margaret River after just a few releases. It continues to focus on refining the wonderful fruit qualities of the region to achieve more delicacy yet still with the regional power. Works perfectly for me. Exquisite palate with a fine acid and citrus cut working the pure textured fruit with its defining minerality. Such an impressively long finish.
SCORE 97/100 CELLAR 10 years

Devil’s Lair 9th Chamber cabernet sauvignon 2013 ($120)

So much intensity and concentration of fruit in this masterpiece of Margaret River cabernet. Deep and compelling aromas of blackcurrant, smoky oak and dark plummy nuances on the nose. The palate is already showing multi-layered complexity. The tannins have a slightly chalky character but they are firm and directional to help focus the palate to that long finish. This is built for the journey which will be a long one.
SCORE 98/100 CELLAR 20 years

Devil’s Lair The Hidden Cave cabernet shiraz 2014 ($25)

Captures the best of these varieties in this excellent fruit-driven combo. The oak and tannin regime ensures things are held with focus and length to a sustained lingering finish. Blackcurrant and dark plum with some nice toasty oak in support. Builds effortlessly to the finish. Quite chewy.
SCORE 91/100 CELLAR 9 years

Devil’s Lair cabernet sauvignon 2014 ($50)

Highly scented bouquet of floral minty red berry with some deeper notes of cassis. The palate is the feature here. It is classically cabernet – all power and purpose – yet it’s remarkably smooth and seamless, such is the integration. Quality oak has played a big part in this and completes what is a very good wine.
SCORE 96/100 CELLAR 15 years

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