Brookwood Estate Wines Brookwood 100 Above


A sweeter style fortified wine bursting with a whole array of aromas and flavours. Aromas of passion fruit and pineapple, with a palate that is still light and refreshing and a length that carries well on down the line. The fruit for this wine is left to ripen through into the autumn months, with the extra time on the vine and more time in the sun results in a little dehydration and a lot more concentration. Serve cold on it’s own, or over crushed ice with a splash of lime and soda water to five a refreshing summer style.

Technical Data

  • Brand name : Brookwood Estate Wines Brookwood 100 Above,

  • Liquor style : Fortified wine,

  • Country : Australia,

  • Region : Margaret River wineries,

  • State : Western Australia,

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