Flowstone sauvignon blanc 2013 ($32)

These grapes were hand harvested on the 28th of February, and whole fruit pressed to retain finesse and texture. Fermentation was in old oak barrels and one new Demi Muid (600litres, and 47 mm thick staves). Following fermentation, the wines stayed in these barrels for a further 11 months, with occassional stirring to suspend the lees.

The wine from these barrels was blended in February of the following year. The wine was minimally fined, filtered and bottled. The wine was then allowed to relax in bottle for a further 18 months prior to being made available for sale.

This wine was released in August 2015 and is 100% bottled under screw cap.
Total production of 390 cases.

Sauvignon Blanc is probably the world’s most popular white wine, especially in its brightly fruity expression.

The Flowstone Sauvignon Blanc harks back to a more palate focussed wine, free of the nervy pressures of immediacy, and allowing the variety to express itself in a more textural manner.

The inspirations behind this wine are more from the old home of Sauvignon Blanc than the new.

Technical Data

  • Varietal : sauvignon blanc,

  • Brand name : Flowstone sauvignon blanc 2013,

  • Liquor style : white wine,

  • Country : Australia,

  • Region : Margaret River wineries,

  • State : Western Australia,

  • Varieties : sauvignon blanc,

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Ray Jordan

Wine Guide 2016

The first thing to appreciate is that this is a different style of sauvignon blanc. Very much in the old world style and how refreshing to see something like this make such a positive and individual statement. It’s sort of wild and funky with so much deeply intense flavour. There’s nothing obvious in here and yet there is so much to offer. Terrific. CELLAR 6 years

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