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Frankland River is one of Western Australia’s best kept secrets. A rising star in the wine industry, the region has built its reputation on delivering exceptional quality cool-climate wines.

Our Great Southern heartland is approximately 360 kilometres south-east of Perth (view map), where the tranquil Frankland River winds its way to the Southern Ocean. A place of rare earth and ancient soil, Great Southern wines have developed a reputation of exceptional quality and consistency, although viticulture began in the region in 1969.

Situated in one of the southern-most points of the state, Frankland River is one of the coolest wine producing regions in Australia.  As such, vintage takes place later than other local regions so grapes can ripen evenly over an extended period maximising flavour and  ready for harvest anytime from late February through to the end of April.

The overall cool climate (with an average January temperature of 19.8°C) and long warm growing season ensure the grapes consistently cultivate a delicate intensity and complexity on the vine, indicating that the grapes are a true expression of the terroir.

While rainfall is relatively low, vineyards overcome this through the construction of water catchment areas, drains and earthen (clay) dams. Ferngrove has 149 hectares of clay catchment and a vast network of drains, allowing rain water to be harvested from several kilometres away. These factors combined with deep well-drained soils and the pristine natural environment provides winemakers with ideal conditions to produce world-class wines, on par with the famous Rhône region in France. It is no surprise that classic European varieties perform well in Frankland River’s conditions, while the isolated
conditions make for distinctly different wines.

Wines produced from Frankland River fruit generally have lower alcohol content and are elegant, with intense varietal characters.

Ray Jordan wine guide Ferngrove Ferngrove Wines’

Frankland River location was selected in 1998 by founder Murray Burton for its favourable viticultural location 90km from the coast in the Great Southern. Renowned for producing consistent cool climate wines across multiple price brackets, the Ferngrove stable includes the iconic Stirlings, Orchid, Frankland River and Symbols ranges. The majority stake was purchased by an international company in 2011. Read More …. 

Our Vineyards

Ferngrove Wines are produced from estate-grown fruit from four vineyards in the Frankland River region, that nestle in undulating farmland, surrounded by olive groves, wheat, sheep and cattle, to create a protected landscape for our grapes to flourish. Generally, vines in the region run north to south, capturing maximum sunlight allowing us to craft wines that are of the land, as nature intended.

Wine excellence starts in the vineyards, in the fertile soil of Frankland River.

Our History


In winemaking, time, patience and consistent weather are precious commodities.

Ferngrove Wines, in Frankland River, is one of the world’s most isolated wine estates. While this isolation makes the logistics of winemaking tough, it is also what makes Ferngrove wines distinctly different.

Selected in 1998 for its favourable viticultural location 90 kilometres from the coast, Great Southern’s valleys and slopes have the rare combination of rugged, classically West Australian ancient soils and the cooling influence of the converging Southern and Indian Oceans. This unique setting allows grapes to ripen at a slower rate, giving the winemaking team the time to cultivate and nurture vines to produce their absolute best fruit.

We work with the land using the resources around us, channelling rainfall as a supplementary irrigation system and nurturing the area’s native forests, preserving the native wildflowers and orchids, to help improve the natural biodiversity. Ferngrove is also home to one of Australia’s largest winery solar power systems; operating and thriving by its very connection to and harmony with the land.

It is this relationship with the land which influences Ferngrove. Named after the road the winery and home vineyards sit upon, Ferngrove’s iconic red The Stirlings is an acknowledgement of the mountain ranges which are conspicuous on the Great Southern skyline; and the Ferngrove Orchid wines are a tribute to the Western Australian native orchids that grow on the remnant bush on the estate. It is no surprise then that our distinctive Ferngrove symbol is an interpretation of the local bracken fern found around the winery, signalling new botanical growth.

Proudly Australian-run with the benefits of international ownership, we at Ferngrove have deep respect for the land, and are committed to crafting exceptional wines of Western Australia.

Ferngrove Wines

Ferngrove Wines’ Frankland River location was selected in 1998 by founder Murray Burton for its favourable viticultural location 90km from the coast in the Great Southern. Renowned for producing consistent cool-climate wines across multiple price brackets, the Ferngrove stable includes the iconic Stirlings, Orchid, Frankland River and Symbols ranges. The majority stake was purchased by an international company in 2011.

OWNERS : Ferngrove Wine Group
WINEMAKERS : Marco Pinres and Marelize Russoun
ANNUAL CRUSH  : 2000 tonnes
VARIETIES : Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, Tempranillo, Riesling, Merlot, Pinot Noir

CELLAR DOORS : 276 Ferngrove Road, Frankland River
OPEN  : Monday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm
WINE PRICES : $16 – 70
PHONE : 9855 2378
EMAIL : reception@ferngrove.com.au
WEBSITE : www.ferngrove.com.au
DISTRIBUTION : Cellar Door, Retail, Mail Order, Wholesaler, Online

Ferngrove Black Label sauvignon blanc 2016 ($20)

An attractive savvy from the Great Southern. Tropical fruit with a splash of citrus to bring it to life. A little passionfruit pulp and some nice gooseberry. The palate is fresh and alive and benefited from the extra year.
SCORE 89/100 CELLAR 2 years

Ferngrove Cossack Riesling 2016 ($23)

This is consistently one of the best Rieslings in WA. It is normally a rather shy and restrained wine on release, but this one has slightly more palate weight and texture while still showing that lancing linear structure that handles extended cellaring. Typically, varietal with a spicy citrus tang through to the finish.
SCORE 94/100 CELLAR 12 years

Ferngrove White Label cabernet sauvignon merlot 2015 ($16)

An excellent budget-priced wine displaying perfumed fruit with a plump fleshy mouthfeel. Made for immediate drinking with the light touch of tannin and oak complementing the medium weight fruit perfectly.
SCORE 88/100 CELLAR 5 years

Ferngrove Dragon shiraz 2015 ($32)

Shiraz is one of the best varieties for Frankland River and this one captures the character so well. It’s slightly savoury on the nose with subtle perfumes of plums and spices. The palate is excellent. There is a real sense of place here with the gravelly loamy influence permeating through the textured flavours. Grainy tannins and a decent hit of oak to complete.
SCORE 92/100 CELLAR 8 years

Ferngrove Majestic cabernet sauvignon 2015 ($32)

One of the most stylish and expressive cabernets yet from Ferngrove. Has that distinctive regional vineyard terroir which seems to poke through on the palate especially. This is a tightly held and controlled cabernet with dusty tannins and oak working in harmony. Has a leafy tobacco-like overtone with black olive nuances adding further complexity and edginess.
SCORE 93/100 CELLAR 15 years

Chris Zur – Vineyard Manager

Chris Zur - Vineyard Manager
Chris Zur – Vineyard Manager

Chris Zur grew up by the ocean in New South Wales and wanted to be a pro surfer. Either that or a cop. Nowadays the closest he gets to a policeman’s beat are the vineyards, which he patrols with pride. He first gained an interest in wine when visiting his brother-in-law’s Margaret River property in the late 1980s, and when the opportunity arose to work at Ferngrove in 1998, he didn’t need asking twice. Having been here since the outset, he’s developed an intimate appreciation of each block’s subtleties.

He’s particularly excited by the quality of the Shiraz, Cabernet and Riesling – indeed, the 2002 Ferngrove Cossack Riesling is the best wine he’s ever tasted. As well as austere, steely Rieslings, Chris leans towards full-bodied, barrel-fermented, cool-climate reds. He loves the isolation and simple life of Frankland River, whose forgiving climate enables the vines to produce consistently good, opulent, fruit-driven wines.


Marco Pinares – Senior Winemaker

Marco Pinares – Senior Winemaker

Marco Pinares is a born-and-bred Chilean farm boy. He grew up expecting to step into his parents’ shoes, gradually acquiring a well-fed wife, 10 kids and a lazy, crossbred dog. As it is, he’s wound up a long way from the farm as part of the happy family that craft Ferngrove and Killerby Wines. What changed it all was an introduction to viticulture and oenology during his Agriculture degree back in Chile. Before he knew it, he’d spent so much time daydreaming about winemaking that there was no other option but to pursue it as a career.

Marco is a true team player who loves the collective commitment to quality that pours into his wines. The isolation of Western Australia makes you stop and smell the roses more often and Marco loves those autumn mornings when you’re suddenly struck by how nature changes. He’s also driven by the challenge of having to deliver a wide range of wines, all of them aiming to satisfy demanding markets. An optimistic sort, his motto in life is: Never check the change, always think it’s more.


Marelize Russouw – Senior Winemaker

Marelize Russouw – Senior Winemaker

Born and raised on a farm in South Africa’s Western Cape region, Marelize Russouw dreamt of being a farmer just like her dad. But it was the farm’s vineyards that fuelled her passion for the land and shaped her future. After completing a degree in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Stellenbosch, Marelize worked at Darling Cellars, Mulderbosch and L’Ormarins in South Africa before making the jump across to New Zealand and California to gain further experience.

Marelize admits she has fallen in love with the Frankland River region, taking its isolation as an opportunity to immerse herself in the winery, learning from the team and discovering more about the region. You’ll find the Cossack Riesling in her fridge, ready to enjoy with good friends and great food. When she’s not making award winning wines Marelize enjoys her newest passion, baking – matched to Ferngrove wines no doubt!


Andrew Blythe – Sales and Marketing Manager

Andrew Blythe – Sales and Marketing Manager

Andrew Blythe started out in wine more than 20 years ago, with a role at John Coppins Wine Merchants. He enjoyed a rapid ascent that led to his appointment as Global Sales and Marketing Manager for the Palandri Wine Group in WA, which he joined at inception in 2001 before moving to Ferngrove in 2009. Now serving as Group Sales and Marketing Manager, he has always been unstinting in his passion and support for Western Australian wine.

He believes Frankland River is special for its remoteness, diversity of varieties and wine styles, which have a distinctive lightness of touch combined with ripeness of fruit – an unusual combination among Australian wine growing regions. What drives Andrew is the satisfaction of working with a great team, being involved with great wines from some of Australia best grape-growing territory and seeing consumers enjoy the fruits of the team’s labour.

Wine Making Process

The Ferngrove Wines team aim to craft outstanding wines which reflect our pristine region. From Frankland River we bring you exceptional quality, value and enjoyment no matter where you are.

We thrive by our very connection to and harmony with the land, putting this passion into practice in our vineyards and winery. Our isolated setting, growing conditions, distance from the coast and gravelly soils are perfect for cultivating wine. Warm days and cool nights help the grapes to ripen slowly; encouraging intense flavours, fine acid and tannins, resulting in wines that reflect the true character of Frankland River.

Cellar Door – Ferngrove

276 Ferngrove Road, Frankland River Western Australia, 6396


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