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The establishment of Sandalford Wines in the Swan Valley in 1840 coincided with both the first European settlement at the Colony of Perth and the birth of Western Australia’s world famous wine industry.

In 1970, Sandalford was one of three initial pioneers of the Margaret River wine region (considered by many as one of the world’s truly great premium wine growing locations) when the first vines were planted at its 300 hectare vineyard at Wilyabrup.

Sandalford’s wine and wine tourism facilities have developed iconic status since the Prendiville family acquired the business in 1991

Today, we are extremely proud to be one of this country’s oldest and largest family-owned winemakers.

2016 is a milestone year for the company because it is 25 years since the Prendiville family took over from the descendants of its original founder, John Septimus Roe.

Under the guidance of the Prendivilles, who remain true to their long term vision for the progressive evolution of Sandalford Wines, both the Swan Valley and Margaret River operations have been extensively developed. Today the company’s portfolio of wines – along with its wine tourism, concert, retail and restaurant facilities – are recognised among the very best in Australia and are consistently regarded as world class.

In one of Australia’s most sustainable wineries, we create our current collection of Prendiville, Estate Reserve, Margaret River Range, Winemakers and Element award-winning wines. With advanced viticultural practices and a progressive winemaking team, we have a long-standing reputation for quality and exceeding expectations at every price point.

Peter and Debra Prendiville

Peter and Debra Prendiville have a long standing passion for the wine industry as well as a significant interest in the tourism industry.

Peter has managed or owned over 40 hotels employing approximately 3000 personnel and Debra has been responsible for the design and outfitting of Sandalford’s unique assets and facilities that have placed it at the forefront of wine tourism operations in Australia.

Having acquired Sandalford in 1991 from overseas interests, the couple devised a plan to revitalise the 160 year old iconic brand. After spending six million dollars redeveloping the company’s facilities, their vision of a business that not only produces wines of excellence but also has the perfect synergy of wine and tourism has now come to fruition.

They continue to bring innovations from around the world home to Sandalford. Their travels also broaden Sandalford Wine’s distribution to dozens of countries; in particular, countries where wine was uncommon such as Poland and Denmark.

Garry Prendiville

Garry Prendiville and older brother Peter have built a group of diverse Australian companies in sectors such as wine, petroleum, hospitality and tourism.

Garry was educated in engineering and commerce and embarked on his petroleum business in 1976. After a series of acquisitions and joint ventures he accumulated a national network of 28 major refuelling outlets, turning over AUD $350 million and employing 650 people.

Since the purchase of Sandalford in 1991 by the Prendiville family, Garry has played an active role in the company’s renaissance guiding strategic direction and export development. Exports particularly have expanded and now include 35 countries.

Wine Making Process

Sandalford has made wines for over 150 years, changing their wines and vinification in many ways. Winemaking however has been around for thousands of years, so in some sense little has changed!

Since the early 1990s Sandalford Wines returned to family ownership with Peter and Debra Prendiville at the helm. Their significant changes to the winery  reflect modern practices yet maintain the tradition and mystique behind the winemaking process. For example, while we use the latest equipment for processing fruit during vintage, Sandalford maintains small batch processing of all fruit and uses only top quality French  barrels.

Today the winery oversees two prestigious vineyards, one in the famed Wilyabrup region of Margaret River and the other in the Swan Valley.

Sandalford Wines now essentially produce five ranges of wine. The entry point wines are the Element and Winemakers ranges. Next the Margaret River Range caters for the mid tier price bracket and is made from de-classified fruit originally set aside for the Estate Reserve and super premium Prendiville Reserve collections which both sit above it in the Sandalford portfolio pyramid. All wines are made by the same exacting standards and attention to detail.


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