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Swings & Roundabouts is based in the northern end of the Margaret River wine region. The cellar door is situated on our vineyard located on Caves Road, Yallingup. Sourcing premium fruit from our own vineyard and contract grower’s vineyards, we produce pure Margaret River styles and Western Australian blends.


Our name comes from the expression used to encapsulate the eternal balancing act between the various aspects of grape and wine production. What you lose on the swings, you pick up on the roundabouts.

No-one knows where the expression originally came from, but there does seem to be a consistent meaning across the many corners of the world. Think coins falling out of your pockets, then finding a couple of notes in the sand. Maybe it does all work out evenly in the end.

We grow great fruit and make great wine, but it isn’t an exact science. There are judgements in the vineyard and art in the winery that ultimately determine the character of what we drink. Our name celebrates the creative and skilled balancing act performed by nature and our winemakers to develop the individuality and quality of what is in the bottle.


Our strong belief is in the northern Margaret River fruit that can deliver “Mediterranean” style wines that are great for drinking…with or without food. The moderating effects of the temperate maritime climate combined with unique soils and wet and cold winters, provide ideal growing conditions for wine grapes that are both elegant and robust.

Margaret River’s micro climate is now well recognised as having great advantage for super premium wine crafting… unique soils, warm summers with cooling afternoon sea breezes and wet and cold winters make it grape heaven.

Using skilled winemaking and by carefully selecting fruit, Swings & Roundabouts is able to deliver consistent value for money premium wines. What is in the bottle must exceed expectations every time.
It’s classic Margaret River…fresh, creative, friendly and loads of backyard fun!

** For maximum drinking pleasure, we recommend finding a spot on our back veranda or lawn area, sitting back and enjoying our spectacular vineyard views.


Our team are well credentialed, serious winemaking chaps who have according to writer Ray Jordan won a staggering list of awards. But while stern faced about the wine itself, the rest is pretty relaxed. Margaret River is a cool and casual place to hang out so you’ll find the personalities here very friendly and far from intimidating.


Swings & Roundabout’s Chief Winemaker and one of Margaret River’s most well respected and talented in the industry — Brian Fletcher.

Brian studied oenology at Charles Sturt University and began his career in winemaking in 1980 in Australia. Brian is an extremely versatile winemaker with a multitude of awards to his name. He is one of Margaret River’s most acclaimed wine makers with over thirty five years of experience making wine all over the world.

He has held a number of prestigious winemaking positions including Production Director for Casa Vinicola Calatrasi in Sicily and Chief winemaker for Evans & Tate. Although he is a household name in Margaret River and a veteran winemaker for the region, he is somewhat of a quiet achiever and prefers to stay out of the limelight and in the vineyard with his beloved vines.

Swings & Roundabouts

Based at the northern end of the region on Caves Road with one of the most picturesque views in the region. The aim is to deliver a relaxed experience that is honest, flavoursome and authentic. Sourcing fruit from both shareholder vineyards and contract growers, the wines produced are solid with structure, finesse and style delivering consistent value for money.

OWNERS : Andy Hopkins and Andrew Moore
WINEMAKERS : Brian Fletcher
ANNUAL CRUSH  : 300 tonnes
VARIETIES : Chardonnay, Semillon, Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc

CELLAR DOOR  : 2807 Caves Road, Yallingup
OPEN  : Monday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm
WINE PRICES : $12 – 45
PHONE : 9756 6640
EMAIL :cellardoor@swings.com.au
WEBSITE : www.swings.com.au
DISTRIBUTION : Cellar Door, Wholesaler, Online, Mail Order, Retail

Swings & Roundabouts Sparkling ($26)

Aromas of light toast and brioche with yeast-influenced meatiness. The palate is consistent and complete through the middle to a long finish. Creamy stone fruit with a keen edgy acidity. Nice current drinking sparkling wine.
SCORE 88/100 CELLAR 3 Years

Swings & Roundabouts chardonnay 2016 ($24)

This is a highly textural chardie displaying rich stone fruit on the middle palate and deeply complex characters throughout. Nutty fig-like aromas with a hint of mealiness. The palate is generous and well integrated. A neat touch of oak.
SCORE 89/100 CELLAR 3 years

Swings & Roundabouts Backyard Stories chardonnay 2016 ($39)

Beautiful wine that is showing marvelous complexity and character already. It’s bright and vital in the glass. The lift of meal and grapefruit is distinctive, with the lightly roasted cashew and slightly toasty characters adding complexity already. Palate is still tightly held and there is excellent length on the finish.
SCORE 94/100 CELLAR 6 years

Swings & Roundabouts rosé 2017 ($24)

This is a blend of malbec tempranillo and sangiovese from northern Margaret River. Light and fragrant with a fresh fine acid lift on the palate. This is quite dry and savoury, which is a very modern style of rosé. Light pinkish colour.
SCORE 92/100 CELLAR 2 years

Swings & Roundabouts cabernet merlot 2014 ($24)

A substantial statement of this vintage. Ripe blackcurrant fruit with some edgier black olive and leafy tobacco characters. The palate has a sinewy tannin feel with a little oak influence. Deep and chocolaty with loads of persistence. A real crowd pleaser
SCORE 90/100 CELLAR 5 years

Swings & Roundabouts Backyard Stories cabernet sauvignon 2015 ($45)

This is a gold medal winner from the national show circuit. This is perfectly integrated with rich chocolaty black fruit worked with cedary savoury oak. Has a delicious sweet ripe fruit. The tannins are fine, integrated and angular. The palate is dense and concentrated. A first-class wine
SCORE 94/100 CELLAR 12 years

Wine Making Process

Cellar Door

2807 Caves Road,
Western Australia, 6282


Phone 08 9756 6735


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